Hey there! My name is Kylie and I am the author of this wonderful blog you have stumbled upon. I am from a small town in Georgia, but currently travel across the South-Eastern United States with my fiancé, Kelley, for work. We have a 2yo American Bulldog named Ace, who is our entire world.

Makeup & Muscles is a blog about my life and all the crazy things that happen in it! A little about myself; I am a GYM JUNKIE! I love everything about the fitness & nutrition world. I have recently lost around 30lbs & I am excited to continue to see results! My ultimate goal is to complete my BA in Health & Wellness, obtain my Master Trainer Certification & open a personal training gym! I also love all things BEAUTY! I follow multiple beauty bloggers & Youtubers and I am always looking for new beauty products to try! Make sure you watch for PRODUCT REVIEWS! If you look good, you feel good & beauty products definitely help me in the ‘looks’ department! HA! I am an honest person, with the mouth of a sailor. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I often come off as a complete bitch, but anyone who knows me personally, knows I really mean well.  I hope you enjoy reading!

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